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shanika dennis – where there’s a wheel, there’s a way

photo by steed media service

Owner, Uplifting Angels Transportation

deeds often lead to great rewards. When Shanika Dennis decided to open
Uplifting Angels, a medical transportation company, she knew firsthand
that great things would come from putting other people’s needs first.

“We were inspired by my father, who received transportation services
before he passed. He was diagnosed with kidney failure and he needed
transportation,” explains Dennis. “There was a very nice gentleman who
provided him with that transportation, so I took it upon myself to
start my own transportation company.” Now in its first year of
operation, Uplifting Angels services the Detroit community, giving
assistance to the elderly and those affected by disabling illnesses.
With Dennis working very closely with various social workers in the
area, she has developed a special bond with different dialysis centers
and physical therapy specialists who have patients in need of her

“I wanted to do something for the community and
especially elderly people and people with illnesses who don’t have the
family to take them [where] they need to go,” says Dennis. “I’m just
the type of person that’s looking to find ways to help people that are
in need that can’t do it for themselves.”

As Uplifting Angels
continues to build its clientele through extensive advertising and
networking within the medical field, Dennis insists on extending help
to others in the same way that someone once extended help to her ailing
father. – jason thompson

For more information, contact Dennis at [email protected]