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Beside every doctor is her/his nurse. And if you have ever stayed in
the hospital, chances are you saw the nurse more often than the doctor.
Being a nurse is just as important as a doctor, if not more. A nurse is
responsible for knowing her patient’s ailment and providing the best
care for recovery. Depending on what level you want to work with
people, there are different types of nurses that require different
levels of education and that have different type of salaries:

Licensed practical nurse (LPN) – If you are an LPN, your duties would
include injections, taking vital signs (i.e. pulse, temperature, blood
pressure), observing patients, performing basic diagnostic tests,
giving alcohol rubs and massages to patients. LPNs usually work under
the direction of registered nurses (RNs). To become an LPN, you must
have a high school diploma, and then you must enroll in a
state-approved practical nursing program. The practical nursing
programs usually take a year to complete. It includes both classroom
and clinical practices. Community or junior colleges, technical and
vocational schools are sources for classroom education. After
completing the program, a certification exam, called the NCLEX-PN is
required. The average starting salary for an LPN is $33,500.

Registered nurse (RN) – If you are an RN, your duties would include
treating and educating patients. They perform diagnostic tests and
analyze results, operate medical machinery, administer treatment and
medication, and help with patient follow-up and rehabilitation. RNs
also are trained to provide grief counseling to family members of
critically-ill patients. RNs also reach out to the community to provide
educational tools and seminars on symptoms of diseases and where to go
for help. RNs are most likely to direct blood drives and/or
immunization clinics. There are different paths you can take to become
a RN: an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in
nursing. After obtaining the prerequisite degree, the NCLEX-RN exam is
also required. RNs have an average starting salary of $39,000, which
increases to around $49,700 with a master’s degree.
There is a shortage of nurses in the medical profession. According to, these are the cities most in need of RNs and
LPNs, along with the actual number of employed nurses in each city.
With these shortages, some hospitals are offering sign-on bonuses. – adrienne gadling

City Employed Nurses Total Population
Los Angeles 53,000 5,500,000
Chicago 51,000 2,784,000
Philadelphia 49,000 1,586,000
Detroit 33,000 1,016,000
Washington, D.C. 32,000 610,000
Atlanta 21,000 394,000

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