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gail perry-mason – building a financial foundation

photo by steed media service

Author and Financial Wizard

Growing up, the only financial advice Gail Perry-Mason received at home
was to “have a joint account with Jesus.” Perhaps this helps to explain
why seventy percent of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck.

“Even though we’re making more money, we’re still spending just as much
as we make. It’s not how much you make,” explains Perry-Mason. “It’s
how much you make, grow and keep.”

Gail Perry-Mason is vice president of investments at Oppenheimer & Co. and co-author of the Oprah-endorsed best-seller, Girl, Make Your Money Grow!
Perry-Mason hasn’t always been a financial wizard. By the time she was
22, she was a divorcée with a baby and was working as a receptionist in
a securities firm. By nothing short of sheer tenacity, she climbed the
rungs of this male-dominated industry and became one of Michigan’s top

Now, she is on a mission to equip the masses with the tools required to become financially sound.

“In Michigan, everybody’s getting laid off,” explains Perry-Mason.
“People need to make some layoffs in their house and start running
their household like a for-profit instead of a nonprofit. Teach your
kids to become owners instead of consumers. Kids are like programs.
They only need exposure and development.”

Between founding camps to expose youths to the financial world and
serving on various boards, Perry-Mason is authoring a new book.

“I’m losing 50 pounds and saving 50 thousand [dollars] in 50 weeks,” explains Perry-Mason. “My next book is entitled From A Full-Figured Woman to a Seven-Figure Woman. I’m halfway through the year and almost there!”
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