dallas austin – expanding the brand

dallas austin – expanding the brand

dallas austin - expanding the brand

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SWD, Peachtree TV

Music producer Dallas Austin has never been afraid to up the ante. Having already conquered the music world and established himself as one of Atlanta’s musical pioneers, Austin has since focused his attention on doing more of the same in other entertainment mediums — namely film and television. So it wasn’t a stretch for Austin to partner with Peachtree TV to launch the original reality series “SWD,” which focuses on the highly talented marching band of Southwest Dekalb High School.

Although the polished product has received rave reviews, Austin was quick to point out the challenges that existed in creating it. “It was hard starting this show,” he admits. “It was a good idea when it was first said, but shooting in a high school, not disrupting [the] kids and still capturing what you need to capture — all while dealing with what the school board thinks and all of the parents, was very complicated. In the end it was well worth it though, once the Dekalb County school system, the superintendent and everybody else got ahold to it, they were able to see how much it meant to the kids and the exposure that it would create for the school system.”

Once everyone was on board, it then became a matter of fulfilling his heart’s desire. “I’ve learned that when there’s something that you really believe in, you just have to do whatever it takes to bring it to life,” Austin shares. “When I believe that there is something in my heart that I am supposed to do that will leave an impact, I work twice as hard to make sure it happens.” Catch Dallas Austin’s “SWD” on Peachtree TV Tuesdays at 8 p.m. – dewayne rogers

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