fps on psp

fps on psp


Here are two new games for your PSP that at first glance appear to be similar. You get all sorts of cool missions, while running around shooting bad guys with all kinds of awesome weapons. Both games are fun, but one is clearly on another level. –dark abyss

socom: tactical strike
fps on psp

Genre: Action
Publisher: Sony Corporation
Platform: PSP
SOCOM: Tactical Strike lets you control a squad of Navy Seals on various missions. One of the coolest features is that you can choose to use different countries’ squads, each speaking their own language. How’s that for realism? Using the D-pad, along with the L and R buttons, the player can queue up squad commands and control team members. The AI can be both a blessing and a curse. It does some amazing things, but then it’ll have you scratching your head at something else. Overall though, SOCOM: Tactical Strike is fun, and that’s what counts.

syphon filter: logan’s shadow
fps on psp

Genre: Shooter
Publisher: Sony Corporation
Platform: PSP
Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is more of the Lone Wolf tactical game. This sequel to Dark Mirror takes everything about Dark and improves on it. It’s got a better story line, better graphics and better game play. You name it and Logan’s Shadow pretty much aces it. New features include underwater missions and blind fire, which lets you shoot from cover without exposing yourself. The action is intense and you never know when it’s coming, so stay alert. Make no bones about it,Logan’s Shadow may be the best shooter on the PSP right now. Replayable missions with plenty of unlockables make this game a must-have.

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