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Politics » new year or relive yesterday

new year or relive yesterday

photo by steed media service

To see the snow as it falls from the sky, to see the change of seasons
and wonder why. To see the icicles as they glow. To see the leaves
change and to see the snow. To know that something is going on, to
watch the seasons change and hear people speak as though something has
gone wrong. To know that time will bring a change to your face as
surely as winter sets fall on the chase.

Life, like nature, is always in a state of flux. No one’s life is
static. Just as nature lies dormant resting and repairing itself from
the long growing season, so must we retire from our usual activities to
perform a little inner renewal. When the temperature dips and the snow
piles high, we hunker down in the comfort of warm clothing and slow our
pace. Only the hardiest souls jog into the face of a northeaster. The
frigid weather that produces icy conditions forces everybody to slow
down, well anybody with a penchant for self-preservation, that is.

Understanding the change of pace. Understanding that things have been
moved, not erased. Understanding that now it is time to take away what
was. Understand that it is time for you to be in the now, you see. The
change of season requires a new focus on reality. No you will not dress
or even look the same you see. You must begin to wear more than you
used to. That’s what life and change requires of you. If you go
outside you have to be able to endure those elements that will assault
your face. The snowflakes, the wind, those are things you can’t
wave your hand and erase.

Just as nature changes her attire each season, we have to commit
ourselves to change also. It’s the season to shed procrastination
and envy. It’s the season for understanding your place in the
world. It’s the season to protect yourself with positivity and
love. Embrace your best self; it’s your season and your time has


Munson Steed, Publisher
[email protected]