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Mirror’s Edge

Mirror's Edge - PS3

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: First-Person, Action-adventure
Playstation 3,

Xbox 360, PC

once in a while, a game comes along that literally defies description.
You can play it for hours and hours and still lack an understanding of
its category. Mirror’s Edge is that type of game … in a good
way. Set in the future, where the government controls everything, a
runner-messenger named Faith finds herself mixed up in murder and
corruption. Now Big Brother is after her with guns a blazing and
there’s only one way out. And that’s where the split comes in. With
most games, her goal would be to collect various weapons and shoot her
way to the end of the story line; however, that’s not the case with Mirror’s Edge.
The only opportunity here is to run … and then run some more. In fact,
95 percent of the game involves running, with plenty of acrobatic,
evasive maneuvers performed by a very cute and speedy runner. Visually,
the game is stunning; the whole cityscape has a sort of futuristic,
bleached out, white look (similar to the movie Ultraviolent).
As far as difficulty, players will need to outplay challenging paths
and practice to get the timing of certain maneuvers. Winning will take
lots of patience and frustration, but the game is truly addictive and
the payout is big. –dark abyss

Mirror's Edge Mirror's Edge