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Nas and ‘The Lifestyle She Is Accustomed To …’ Is Kelis A Gold-Digger?

In almost every high-profile divorce, you will hear the words uttered; words that make any wealthy man who’s about to be divorced, cringe. Michael Jordan heard them. Paul McCartney heard them. And legendary rapper Nasir “Nas” Jones just heard them.

“… she’s entitled to maintain the lifestyle to which she became accustomed during their marriage …”

It’s the heat-seeking missile of divorce proceedings. Well, it’s probably most apt to call it a “cash-seeking projectile.” And if there was no prenup, an angry soon-to-be ex-wife can wield those words with reckless abandon. Kelis is allegedly demanding $3,500 for the baby nurse after the upcoming birth of the couple’s first child, and $20,000 for strollers, cribs and other baby supplies.

“My survival is based on [Nas’] will at this time. If he does not want to pay for an expense, it does not get paid.” –Kelis’ statement

Survival? Single moms all over this country are having babies every day — and they “survive” on far less than $20, 000 for “baby supplies.”

So, rolling out is asking you:

Is Kelis entitled to any and everything that she is asking for, or is she a gold-digger?

Inquiring minds want to know …

–dusty culpepper