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Glenn Beck Exploits White Frustration to Drum Up Racism Against President Barack Obama


Barack Obama’s ascendance to the U.S. presidency was the single-best
thing to happen to the careers of unrenowned, little-respected white
racists like Glenn Beck — men of meager talents and hatred housed in
their souls. Obama has incidentally created celebrities out of
kook-conservative personalities like Glenn Beck, who drudged in
deserved obscurity for years. Many have now rocketed out of the cloud
of nothingness with unsubstantiated venom [and calls of racism] against
the first-ever African American president. These well-dressed white
supremacists are conveniently camouflaged under the respectable banner
of “conservatism”, which provides a political safe haven from which
they unfurl fiery, divisive rhetoric with reckless aplomb and little
care for the collateral damage they inflict.

matters little if the statements they attribute to this administration
are true. Even Hitler knew that if he said Jews were bad for Germany
enough times, that it would arouse enough anti-Semitic and
nationalistic hatred to doom Jewish-German residents. As we obviously
know now, Hitler’s diabolical and demonic plan worked. And now here
comes Beck, who tosses verbal bombs onto the airwaves from a safe
distance and then watches them explode around the White House. And it
is a statement so far from the truth it crosses into lunacy.

“This president has exposed himself … over and over and over again as
a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white
culture. I don’t [know] what it is,” Beck says with a straight face.
Yet, less than 15 seconds later, when it’s pointed out that over 70
percent of Obama’s inner circle and cabinet are white people, Beck
contradicts himself, saying: “I’m not saying that he doesn’t like white
people … This guy has a problem. This guy is a racist.”

Beck proffered absolutely nothing of worth to substantiate his
foolhardy accusations against Obama except to say that the president’s
environmental czar subscribed to liberation theology back in the day.

Looking around the wreckage that is modern Republicanism, people like
Beck clamor for the remaining scraps of political territory to horde
and protect with lightning-rod statements that send high-voltage
messages through the airwaves. His statement was inexcusable and
indefensible by every stretch of the imagination. Beck is a
mentally-disturbed demagogue – a desperate, media-hungry,
spotlight-devouring bottom feeder who used the “Obama is a racist”
statement to rocket himself into the national consciousness. Never mind
the fact that Obama’s mother was white, his grandmother [who Obama shed
tears for when she died during the campaign] was white, along with the
grandfather who raised Obama — also white. To hate white people would
be akin to cultural cannibalism. It would mean that Obama hates a
significant part of himself. This is why Beck’s statement was pure
idiotic. –terry shropshire