Author Tracy Nicole Offers Tips on Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

altTracy Nicole is more that just an author, she’s an activist. She penned her first novel, Who Said Peaches Were Perfect?, to help young women, er, all women, avoid the perils and pitfalls of life.

Her inspiration for the book came from a maternal place. “I have two daughters and although they’re young, they’re growing up in a time when there are so many challenges with young girls,” she says.

“I sit on the board at an organization, All Grown Up, where we teach young girls how to become [ladies]. I facilitate self-esteem workshops. Our teens are exposed to so much and I want them to be able to to make informed decisions,” says Nicole.

A Georgia native (hence the “Peaches” in the title), Tracy Nicole is a recent divorcée who was a music industry wife. That network was one of the most positive influences in her life. “During that time, I was exposed to people who were following their dreams and 

I was exposed to people who were following their dreams and making things happen because they were passionate. On the flip side, I went through a divorce. I feel like if you can survive a divorce, you can survive anything. It pushed me to want to follow my dream of finishing my book and getting it published. In doing this, I felt I started a new life in becoming an author,” she says.

The author hopes readers will glean three important messages from her first novel. Know your worth and never settle for less than you deserve in life, always be true to yourself and know that your past doesn’t define your future.

“With my two girls, I am trying to be the woman that I want them to be,” Nicole confides, “I make sure I’m setting a good example for them. It takes me a little longer to make decisions because I am constantly thinking about how my decision is going to affect them.”

Expect a second novel by this budding author in 2011. –yvette caslin