Wahida Clark: Opening New Doors in Urban Street Fiction

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Accomplished author and businesswoman Wahida Clark shares what inspired her to establish her own business, what advice she has for upcoming authors, how she managed to block out negativity while incarcerated, and the process of creating the anthology What’s Really Hood!dana rettig  

alt src=//rollingout.com/the-test-for-wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/wrh.jpgWhat prompted you to start your own publishing business?
While in prison and becoming a best-selling author, other writers began to reach out to me and ask how they can do it and they also began sending me manuscripts. So, I said as soon as I get released, I am going to start my own publishing company.  

How long has your business been established?
Wahida Clark Publishing was established in June ’08.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Master your craft and study the business of publishing.

How have you managed to weather the storm in jail?
I was freed in December of ’07. In prison, you have to stay busy. Do the time; don’t let the time do you.

Describe the process of making the anthology What’s Really Hood. 

While incarcerated, I put the call out that I was putting together this project. Authors started sending me their stories. I simply chose the best ones. Victor L. Martin already had two books out. Lashonda is the wife of Kwame Teague — the author who brought us the Dutch trilogy — as well as Dynasty and Bonta and Jihad …  

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