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Chris Brown Explains Leak of Nude Photo

Over the last few weeks, Chris Brown has been the talk of the town not only for his upcoming album and revealing interviews, but also for a nude photo of the singer that has been spreading across the Internet like a wildfire. Responding to the media frenzy, Brown is now opening up about the origins of the photo and why he’s fine with it.

In an interview with Big Boy of L.A.’s KPWR morning show, “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” Brown was asked to explain his side of the naked photo story.

“It always seems like — and I have nothing to say,” said a slightly flustered Brown, laughing, before confirming that, “It was definitely sent to a girl.”

Brown, who discovered the photo leak on Twitter while playing video games, explained that he sent the photo as a simple “hello.”

“It was an out the shower shot. It was like ‘ey what’s up, how you doin’?’ ” explained Brown, adding that, “I was alone but I wasn’t even excited.”

Although Brown never intended for the public to see the photo, he admits that he’s not ashamed of letting the world see him naked.

“It’s whatever. I’m comfortable with my body, I don’t care about all of that,” said Brown.

Having seen the photo ourselves, we’ll just say that whoever Brown originally sent the photo to got quite the eyeful in that “what’s up?” text.

What do you think of Brown’s explanation of his naked photo? –nicholas robinson