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Usher’s Sex Tape May Not Be Released, Thanks to Vivid Entertainment Founder

After it was revealed earlier this week that an alleged sex tape made in 2009 with pop star Usher Raymond and his former wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, would be released to the public, many fans impatiently laid in wait to see the video. But now it seems that the alleged sex tape will never see the light of day, surprisingly, thanks to porn king Steven Hirsh.

As reported by, Hirsch, the founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, the same company that released Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, recently sent Raymond a letter expressing his sympathy for the singer’s sex tape dilemma.

“We’ve learned that a sex tape of you and your ex-wife is making its way around the adult film industry,” wrote Hirsh. “As a result of this being an intimate and very personal tape, we can certainly understand why you would want to stop its distribution.”

As the letter continues, Hirsh explains that he has the power to stop the release of the video and has done so in the past for other stars.

“What you may not know about Vivid is that there are many celebrity sex tapes that we have actually stopped from being distributed,” wrote Hirsh. “We may therefore be able to assist you in stopping your own video from any type of circulation.”

The question now is what will Raymond have to do in exchange for Hirsh’s intervention? And now that we know he’s done this sort of thing before, we wonder who else in Hollywood has had a sex tape release blocked by Hirsh.

What do you think of Hirsh’s offer to Usher? –nicholas robinson