Tyrese Turns to Twitter Preaching and Writes Book

Tyrese Turns to Twitter Preaching and Writes Book

Most know Tyrese Gibson as an ultra hunky model turned R&B crooner and hard-core action film star but as fans will discover in the latest issue of JET, Gibson’s true passion is helping his fans better their lives and he explains he using, “Twitter and his new book, How To Get Out of Your Own Way, to do just that.”

In the article, Gibson, who’s been known to give out both candid advice and meaningful gifts via Twitter, explains that the site has become a spiritual pulpit for him to share his hard-won life lessons with his fans.

“I look at Twitter as all of my followers are in my congregation. I can make ‘em laugh, I can make ‘em think, I can post Twitpics and images to show them what blessings are,” explained Gibson.

Following the strong response from fans to his Twitter advice, Gibson set up a voice mail line where fans could listen to his words of wisdom and personal stories. And once Gibson, who’d eventually recorded over 700 messages, saw the power in his own words, he came up with the idea to transform his personal messages into the self-help book, How To Get Out of Your Own Way, which will be released in April.

“One late night in the office it just hit me — this needs to happen. I think it’s irresponsible — I think it’s very insecure and very selfish to not speak on what you know,” said Gibson. “Some people are very competitive and they feel like, ‘If I pass off the information that I know, somebody’s gonna come in and take my throne, somebody’s gonna take me out.’ I’m the complete opposite.”

And although Gibson still hopes to have a thriving career in music and film, he explains that in the end, his work with people will be what truly satisfies him.

“I believe God still has so many plans for my life … but just what if something were to happen?” said Gibson. “Did I really impact people’s lives because I was a celebrity and I was famous? Who cares? Fame is not that big of a deal anymore. But what did you do while you were here?”

What do you think of Gibson’s Twitter advice and new book? –nicholas robinson

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