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Sommore’s Royal Comedy Tour Hitting Stages Across the Country

Sommore’s comedic road trip, cleverly titled The Royal Comedy Tour, has been delivering big names and big laughs all over the country, including the queen of comedy herself. She’s joined by comrades D.L. Hughley, Don D.C. Curry and Bruce Bruce. Last year, the 25-city tour sold out just about every auditorium and arena they booked.

It’s not surprising, Lori Ann Rambough, née Sommore, is fierce and her business acumen makes her a force to be reckoned with. She’s not waiting to be green-lighted by Madison Avenue or Hollywood, Sommore is a take-charge-kinda-girl and is no-nonsense when it comes to making money.

“The Royal Comedy Tour is the first time a woman has headlined a national, syndicated tour,” she offers during an on-camera interview at rolling out‘s headquarters on the Atlanta stop of the tour.

“I handpicked the artists that are on the show’s [roster]. It’s D.L. Hughley, Bruce Bruce, Don ‘D.C.’ Curry, Tony Rock, Damon Williams … we’ve alternated with Mark Curry, TuRae Gordon and George Wilborn,” she says.

It’s a big feat for her to lead this charge because Sommore recognizes like most industries, there is sexism in comedy. “There are people who believe women just aren’t funny. Every night I have to prove that we are funny and can hang like anybody else,” she shares.

Sommore has enjoyed her career as a comedienne for more than a decade. She never stops making audiences laugh, from the stage to the screen, the Trenton, N.J., native of Afro-Trinidadian descent, makes it look so effortless.

“I’m a storyteller. That’s the good thing about this business, you can take it and do whatever you want to with it,” she says. “The world we are living in would scare most people. As a comic, there are some nights that I can’t wait to wake up and write about it. We can be excited about the fact that housewives aren’t even married anymore.” –yvette caslin

S’more Sommore:

Does Sommore agree that beauty is power?
“I can agree with that. Most of the time as a woman [they] think that you are weak if you are pretty and beautiful. I sell confidence to women. I encourage women to flaunt and work with what you have.”

How does Sommore keep it sexy?

“I run two miles a day. I swim 10 laps a day. I weight lift [twice weekly].  I drink lots of water, but I don’t diet.”

Yikes swimming! It’s a black girl’s hair demon.
“I keep my hair wrapped up and wear a swim cap. I have tried to wear a wig, but I can’t do it; it feels like I am being followed.”