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Back to School for Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa? Marijuana University Opens For Business

The way the average rapper carries themselves nowadays, it doesn’t take a huge creative leap to understand that many of them focused more on beats than books. But now, thanks to a new marijuana law passed in Maine, the hip-hop world may finally make their way back to the classroom for a little “higher” education (pun definitely intended.)

“There’s a huge need for (knowledge), and some people aren’t sure where to get it,” says Ray Logan, who is one of the professors at Marijuana State University.

Logan is offering tree-hour workshops for those who want to know how to grow high quality marijuana in their homes. In his first class, which was held about a month ago, Logan had 15 men attend—most of whom were registered medical marijuana patients who want to learn how to grow it, instead of paying hundreds of dollars an ounce to licensed dispensaries and registered caregivers.

Not all are happy with Logan’s approach to education, however. “This program was designed to get patients access to quality medical marijuana; it wasn’t intended as a business for people to make money,” said Cathy Cobb, director of the licensing division for the Department of Health and Human Services. “We don’t want to set up a supply network that exceeds the demand of registered patients.”

Such was the initial concern in California when Richard Lee founded the inaugural Marijuana State University. Since 2007, more than 17,000 people have enrolled in his school.

Which begs the question: if all that rappers want to talk about—from Snoop to Drake—is smoking weed and women, then why don’t they register and get the proper training o the subject? Or would that be a violation of the streets to actually learn, no matter what the subject? Just something to think about.

While you chew on that, we’re moving along in our planned visit to a Marijuana State University campus. So stayed tuned for more exclusives on this story.

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