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Tyler Perry’s Madea Character Spoofed by ‘South Park’

Tyler Perry became the latest national figure to be mocked by the cartoon “South Park.” In the latest episode titled “Funnybot,” Perry appears at an awards ceremony and is given the Kathy Griffin award.

Perry accepts the award by saying, “I want to thank you all for this amazing award or as Madea might say ‘Hallelujerrr [a word that was put on promotional material for Perry’s last film, Madea’s Big Happy Family].”

South Park’s only black character, Token Black, is embarrassed by Perry. Token Black later pays Perry to dress as Madea and hang at the school. At the end of the episode, Perry is buried underground and an animated version of President Obama says, “I’m pleased to announce that the greatest threat to mankind is now gone forever. Justice has been done.”

In 2010, Perry was spoofed by “The Boondocks.” The episode suggested that Perry was homosexual and ran a cultlike operation at his studios in Atlanta.

The most successful black filmmaker in Hollywood, Perry has faced criticism since his Madea franchise became an instant hit. But while most of his films lack creativity and can be off-putting due to stereotypes, Perry is currently the only black director who consistently employs an entire black cast for major film projects. –a.r.