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Sleeve Jewelry Becoming All The Craze

Have you guys been noticing lately that a lot of celebrities, entertainers and fashion-lovers are wearing the beaded bracelets stacked on their wrists around town? Beaded accessories are all the craze, and I was just gifted with some pinktastic arm candy for my birthday and was so excited to get them! Lena Danielle is the creator of Sleeve Jewelry, an exquisite line of fashionable accessories launched in 2009. Her original designs offer a variety of colors with unique style and flair using colored stones, precious gems, crystals, gold and silver.

You can wear one, or you can stack them on both wrists to give you that desirable look you are trying to achieve. I have the pink Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet and an assortment of other shades of pink beads, too. I’m glad I will be sporting a trendy look for a great cause.

Check out the site to see all the collections at


  1. Angela on July 8, 2011 at 1:19 am

    Jewelry can basically make lady more pretty and phenomenal. In different conditions, various kinds of jewelry can act as a foil to their hostess and maximize their character and beauty. Diamond jewelry is shining and bright, which bring luster to its hostess and make her classy and noble. Pearl jewelry appears solemn but modest and careful, which is OK for those official occasions.Crystal jewelry designates youth and energy. Your jewellery designs can make a woman more beautiful and can give a pretty look. 

  2. Anonymous on August 19, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    Wedding season is almost over, which means if you still have a few more
    to attend, amp up your look, and that old little black dress, with some
    serious jewels.