Audio Push, Fresh New Duo, is Pushing the Music Industry Forward

Audio Push, Fresh New Duo, is Pushing the Music Industry Forward
Audio Push's Price Tag and Oktane (left to right)

Do you know how to jerk? If not, rappers Oktane and Price Tag of Audio Push can teach you. Upon the success of their widely praised first single, “Teach Me How To Jerk,” the young duo now appears intent on building upon their early successes.

From humble beginnings in Southern California, the duo, friends since the sixth grade, began rapping in their school cafeteria. They would challenge each other and other classmates to rap battles at lunch. It would not be long before Oktane and Price Tag began committing all their time and resources to music. This would culminate in a record deal with Interscope Records, in conjunction with Geffen Records, the label under which their album will be released. Since then, the pair has pushed down the walls of the music industry, introducing novices to new dance forms and fashion styles.

Aside from rapping, both emcees are former crump battle dancers, and their dance abilities have been the focus of many of their videos on YouTube. While they do not claim to be the pioneers of the “Jerk” movement, their contribution to the movement is undeniable, evidenced by their 18 million views on YouTube. With such a large following, the two remain level-headed and await the drop of their debut album, anticipated in early 2012. In the meantime, they’re enjoying the fortunes of their newly released single, “Up and Down,” which is popular among radio stations and fans. In addition, their album features the likes of Soulja Boy, Sammie, B Major, E-40 and Dorrough, all of which are prominent names on the hip-hop and R&B scenes.

The duo would be remiss not to name some of their musical inspirations, which include an alternative and eclectic mix such as the Jonas Brothers, Paramour, California native Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa. Beyond their musical ability, the pair cited their individuality and “fresh creative sounds” as the basis for their admiration.

Beyond the “glitz and glamor” of fame and being apart of the music industry, the two voiced how album sales and projections are irrelevant in the long run. They consider the ability to spread their music and do what they love as blessings in themselves. This is not to say that the two do not aspire to become the best duo of all time, because they do. It is simply an acknowledgement of their humility and gratitude — traits that are seemingly lacking in this “audio push”-deprived industry … but not for long. –amal yamusah

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