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How Jay-Z Helps the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Clan Stay Rich

We’ve all heard the saying or something similar to the effect that “The wealthy help the wealthy stay rich.” Well in the case of Jay-Z and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, this indeed is a fact as they are all on the same team as business partners.  To be more specific, the veteran actress and wife of Will Smith has built up a solid partnership with the rapper who has signed her daughter, Willow Smith, to his Roc Nation record label. And their partnership is more than necessary if they want to keep ‘Whipping their heads back and forth’ all the way to the bank—at least in regards to Willow. *wink*

According to reports, Jada Pinkett Smith has described  her working relationship with Jay-Z, calling him a “professional” business partner. She goes on to say, “He’s very professional, he’s a good partner, and we are about to do a movie with him, the ‘Annie’ joint with Willow, so he’s a good partner.” True, their daughter, Willow Smith, is set to play “the little orphan Annie,” but you better believe that nobody from the Roc Nation or Pinkett-Smith clan are living a “hard knock-life,”by any means! Well at least not anymore (sorry Jay-Z lol).  By the way, I’m very excited to see how the film ‘Annie’ will turn out, I’m sure Ms. Willow will do her thing on the big screen! Finally, although Jay-Z is a great business man and business partner,  he has nothing to do with the success of Jada and her projects. She is currently busy  promoting a major venture as she stars in her new series  “HawthoRNe” —a successful task that Mrs. Pinkett Smith has conquered all her own. Go Jada!