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Weiner Resigns; Buckles Under Bipartisan Pressure

Anthony Weiner, the embattled Congressman who now finds himself in “sex rehab,” has resigned.

A Democrat representing New York’s 9th District, Weiner has been pressured from both sides of the aisle ever since lewd photos and communication with several women — including a black one — sent via social networks Twitter and Facebook have surfaced.

Weiner at first denied having sent the first inappropriate images that were brought to light, then after more began crawling out of the woodwork, he recanted in a news conference during which he admitted to the apparently chronic lack of judgment and risk-taking.

In an interview with NBC’s “Today” show, President Obama shared his views on the subject:   “I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign,” he said, likely representing the views of most elected officials on Capitol Hill.

He finally got the message.

Now that Weiner has stepped down, several questions come into play about the code of conduct imposed on our elected officials.  Should they be held to high moral standards when it comes to personal activity or should there be a separation of state and home?  Since social networking is quickly becoming a breeding ground for scandal, should elected officials even be allowed to own accounts?  Also, what are your opinions on the likely publicist-derived rehabbing efforts of celebrities and statespersons (mainly men, to date) who get caught breaching society’s hypocritical moral codes? Lastly, did Weiner’s name preordain him for such a catastrophic fall from grace?

No real need to answer the last one, but please tell us what you think.