Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s Wife, Jacqueline, Snaps Off: Video

Jacqueline Jackson teases her famous husband.

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s wife, Jacqueline (Jackie), is one of the most beloved first ladies of Chicago because she is known to shoot from the hip.
Genuine, kindhearted, and  deeply, involved with the progress of women, Jacqueline Jackson showed her true colors at the Women’s Luncheon, that took place during the 40th anniversary of the Rainbow PUSH Convention held in Chicago.

Watch as Lady Jackie roasts her husband, then praises him, and finally offers sage — yet controversial — sister-girl advice to the ladies in the audience. Rev. Jackson’s wife must be seen to be believed.

“I thank him for making me a strong black woman. Because I had to be to stay with him.”
(ABC-7 anchor lady Cheryl Burton, emcee, stands up to support Jackie, and Rev. Jackson makes her sit back down!)

“I know God is a man, because he made man from dirt, and the woman’s role is to constantly take dirt off of him.”

“I know God is a man, because woman was an afterthought. And I told you initially that we, this gathering is younger than the organization, because we, too, are an afterthought.”

“Women cannot love men to death, because you refuse them and criticize them. To build them up, it’s our job to protect and support, and that’s a big requirement.”

Our FAVORITE VIDEO MOMENT: “I’m so glad that God brought you into my life and into my home to be with me.”
(Watch Rev. Jackson fight back tears.)

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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