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Singer Adele’s Surprising Impact on the Hip-Hop Community

Since the release of her epically popular album, 21, British singer Adele has quickly won over the hearts of millions of Americans. And one of those fans is up-and-coming rapper Big Sean. In a recent interview, Sean revealed that he’d love to one day work with Adele, as well as date the voluptuous soul singer.

“I really want to work with Adele, I think she’s, like, great,” Sean said in a clip with Punchbowl TV. “She never compromises her sound for anything. She reminds me of Motown soul music, and its straight number one, her voice is unmatched. She makes the type of music people sample, and that’s the best music ever.”

Indeed, it’s not surprising that rappers like Sean, as well as Tyler, The Creator, are drawn to Adele’s chart-topping success. Her moving confessional of a love gone wrong, 21, has topped the Billboard 200 chart for 12 nonconsecutive weeks.

But it’s not just Adele’s musical magic that Sean is fawning over. According to the Detroit emcee, Adele would be the perfect companion, not only in the booth, but on a date as well.

“I love Adele, I love her so much,” he gushed. “I wish I could just meet her. I know she’s my age, too. I would even date her, man. She’s, like, so great to me.”

Perhaps one day Sean will get a chance to change Adele’s tune from a sour note to a joyful noise. –nicholas robinson