The Black Man Cookie — and the Top 5 Racist Desserts: A New Biz Model?

The Black Man Cookie

Why would racism and dessert ever cross paths? Stereotypes + sweet sensationalism = strong sales, never mind how tasteless the desserts are. Think about it, would you have heard of a little bakery in Romania, if a blogger didn’t take a picture of the Black Man Cookies that they sold?

Some critics would argue that the very notion of Devil’s Food and Angel’s Food is pure racism in chocolate and vanilla.

Or, perhaps chocolate is so rich, irresistible and sinful to dieters, that it must be the food of the decadent (and devilish) ones, right?

Whatever your opinion, these five desserts go beyond the symbolism of angel food vs. devil food, as the racist stereotype is the number one ingredient in all of them.

Here, then are the Top 5 Racist Desserts, in recent memory.

The Black Man Cookie Everybody wants to sink their teeth into the Black Man Cookie, at least in Romania.
Copyranter, a New York advertising copywriter, splashed this photo of a cookie found on the shelves in Romania.
“Shot in a supermarket in Alexandria, Romania. Also apparently available in Turkey and Albania.”

Drunken Negro Face Cookie

The Drunken Negro Face Cookie.
Now, the Black Man Cookie is clearly an improvement from what the Lafayette French Pastry, a New York bakery put on its shelves to “honor” Pres. Barack Obama back in 2009.
Surely you recall the “Drunken Negro Face” cookie, if not, perhaps the interview that Ted Kefalinos, proprietor of the bakery, told an outraged customer: “Would you like some drunken negro heads to go with your coffee? They’re in honor of our new president. He’s following in the same path of Abraham Lincoln; he will get his.”

Choc ObamaChoc Obama. Shortly after his historic inauguration, Jonathan Adams of Colorlines blogged about that one.

Pres. Obama was a target of a few racially insensitive desserts, such as the Choc Obama, where consumers can eat a rich, chocolate candy-coated president.

Hip Hop Cupcakes.

The Hip Hop Cupcakes.
In a textbook case for why diversity is needed on diversity advertising campaigns, Duncan Hines was caught off guard when The Hip Hop community became outraged over the Duncan Hines “Amazing Glazes” advertising campaign on YouTube. In the ads, singing chocolate cupcakes resembled performers in blackface.

Chinito Ice Cream

Chinito Ice Cream. Regretfully, Blacks aren’t the only targets for the racist dessert market. In Lima, Peru, the Chinito ice-cream is a hit, according to blogger The Angry Asian Man. Notes Angry Asian Man, “The Chinito is “a chinaman caricature made from ice cream, complete with slanted eyes, a Fu Manchu mustache and accessorized with one of those funny umbrellas. It gets points for creativity… but damn, that has to be the most racist dessert item ever.”

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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