Breast Cancer Resources for Survivors, Co-Survivors and Friends; Oct 1 Marked Kickoff of Month of Awareness

October 1st kicked off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, during which the disease and its impact on women,  stories of survival and triumph, as well as education and research funding efforts are illuminated.  As the beginning of a month of informative and uplifting features that will speak to breast cancer, ro has compiled a list of resources for survivors, co-survivors and friends that will assist in the fight against this deadly disease.


National Breast Cancer Institute

The federal government’s National Institute of Health site. Including breast cancer, the most current information on research, diagnosis, and treatment be found here.

An online non-profit organization dedicated to providing information and a community to serve those touched by this disease.



Provides support to over 40,000 callers a year. Helps both survivors and caregivers from across the country and around the world. Counselors available by phone 24/7/365 in 150 languages. 1-800-221-2141


Assist Wear: Healing with Dignity

Post surgical wear including nightgowns, pajamas, shower belts, and pillows.


Patient Resource Cancer Guide

A publisher of cancer-materials, books, and aids. Topics include How to Choose a Surgeon, Treatment Facilities, etc.


Patient Advocate Foundation: Co-Pay Relief

A quick-stop resource site to help find available money to help with co-pay relief for treatment.


Susan G. Koman for the Cure

One of the largest grassroots fundraisers for breast cancer research. Site offers ways to get involved including participating in the famous 3-day walks, local level activities, and personal fundraising.


Clinical Trials

The international results registry and database for research and treatment for global illnesses, including breast cancer.


Planet Cancer

A community for young adults battling cancer, specifically those who are too old to seek treatment in children’s hospital but need more peer-driven aid , i.e. support groups, retreats, etc.


My Hope Chest

Reconstruction, funding, and fundraising resources for breast cancer survivors.

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