DMX Says He Will Avoid Pitfalls for His 10 Kids

DMX told TMZ he has finally kicked the drug addictions that kept him behind bars for years — and he has his children to thank.

“Everyone was taking advantage of me with my finances, trying to put me in the direction to fail. I have 10 kids. I have to drive them in the right direction, so I let the cocaine go.”

The rapper born Earl Simmons says he is working through his addiction from a spiritual place, and looking to avoid the negative pitfalls that have sent him spiraling out of control in the past.  “I am on a spiritual road to do right in my life. I am leaving out all negativity and going to stay on the right road to positive,” he said.

“When [DMX] first came to my church he looked broken, sad, and full of struggle. Now you see a dramatic change. You see that the drugs and alcohol aren’t in his life,” said Simmons’ pastor.

It was great to see DMX killing it at the BET Awards. If he is able to fight off those old demons, his sobriety could serve as a beacon of light for those who feel defeated by their addictions. I pray he wins.


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