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5th Annual Artist Battle Pays Tribute to Biggest Pimps in the Nation

Atlanta artist Fabian is hosting another of the infamous and much anticipated Studious Study of Stuntin’ Artist Battle on Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Raw Gallery Space in Atlanta. The inimitable occasion which is reminiscent of the equally infamous ‘Player’s Ball, is cause de celebre for artists and art lovers.  The Battle is not only an opportunity for  established and emerging artists to showcase their works while taking pot shots at “the man.”

What’s the objective of the annual  Art Battle?
We’re paying tribute to the greatest players in the United States, the ones who screwed over this country and got away with it, it’s just like a true player would. We’re encouraging all artists and creatives to be dressed up in their most outrageous outfits possible. Outrageous like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton who moved their headquarters to Dubai to avoid paying taxes after they looted the government with billions in contracts. Outrageous like Bishop Eddie Long having grown men call him Daddy.”

As always we’re having an art battle to celebrate this occasion with new artists as other WWAF  veterans. I’ll be hosting as Occasional Superstar along with Fahamu Pecou aka Sex Choc. The music is provided by DJ Jamad and Exacto. We’ll be going from 6 p.m. to midnight.

The Studious Study of Stuntin’ exhibition will feature special guest and co-host Fahamou Pecou, followed by a starring cast of alter personalities: Maurice Evans, Charly Palmer, Grace Kisa, and many more. The exhibition will also highlight Williams’ satirical tribute to the corporations that influenced the current economic deficit as well as corporations that have impacted the health and lifestyle of our nation. This satire will correlate with the underlying message of today’s political culture through art and the alter egos portrayed by the artists’. The event will have live entertainment, including special guest DJ Jahamad. Fabian’s paintings and pieces will be available for purchase.

WHERE: Raw Gallery Space – 431 Fair St., SW Atlanta, GA 30313 (Castleberry Hill)

ADMISSION: $15 advance tickets, $20 at the door

INFO: For more information for the Art Battle visit or the