Finance and Love: 7 Ways to Date on a Budget

Finance and Love: 7 Ways to Date on a Budget

Before you go on that first date, you need to keep it real with yourself. Most of us have not yet ascended to the economic stratus occupied by that beloved fictional couple, Eddie Murphy and Shari Headley, from Coming to America. So, unless your father is the King Jaffe Joffer the Ruler of Zamunda, or Cleo McDowell, and therefore providing you access to unlimited ends, you probably need to develop a more fiscally pragmatic plan to enthrall your date so that you don’t scrape pennies afterwards and end up crawling to your next payday.

But you also don’t have to be a buster and go out like a sheep herder, either; posting up at McDonald’s or cheap food stands will leave you out in the rain like that jheri-curled joker who got dumped by Lisa McDowell.

Below are seven great ways to “ball on a budget” and impress your date because these choices entail thoughtfulness. Moreover, the uniqueness of these ideas will present you as a multifaceted, well-rounded individual.

terry shropshire

Finance and Love: 7 Ways to Date on a Budget

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