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Waka Flocka Affiliate Slim Dunkin Shot in Atlanta; Police Search for Suspects

Waka Flocka Flame affiliate Slim Dunkin was murdered on Dec. 16 in an Atlanta recording studio. According to reports, Slim Dunkin, whose real name is Mario Hamilton, was involved in an argument with a man at a recording studio. The argument escalated and Hamilton was fatally shot. No suspects have been arrested.

Hamilton never saw himself as a rapper. During an interview with rolling out in 2010, Hamilton revealed that he began to believe in himself as a rapper only after his childhood friend, Waka Flocka, gave him the confidence to get behind the mic.

After several years of honing his skills, Hamilton began to release mixtapes and soon built a respectable fan base without ever releasing an official album. Soft-spoken and humble during his interview, Hamilton appeared to be a young man whose only focus was searching for a chance at stardom in hip-hop. –amir shaw