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Jay-Z and Beyoncé Share the Wealth and Donate Blue Ivy Carter Gifts From Celebrity Friends

Celebrity friends of Jay-Z and Beyoncé spared no expense in the gift giving department to Blue Ivy Carter, who was born Jan. 7. Even better the under-wealth power couple shared the wealth when they decided to donate many of the baby’s gifts with other less famous babies — which is all of them.

“Jay-Z and Beyoncé have decided to donate a massive selection of the presents to local charities for young mothers. They’ve already got the most precious gift — their new baby daughter — so they want to help out other parents who haven’t been as fortunate.”

There was one present that they do plan to keep though. A close friend of theirs in the music industry gave them a diamond-encrusted Cartier doll — it must have cost $20,000. Blue has officially got her first piece of bling.

Celebrities can be kind and generous individuals who enjoy giving their friends and loved ones lavish gifts, but the diamond encrusted doll definitely takes the baby shower cake! Take a look at our celebrity gift-givers and take a guess who sent her the doll.