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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Sues After Being Slapped in the Face (See Video)

Well it was bound to happen and now it has. The antics of those crazy “Basketball Wives” or understandably so, ex-wives are finally catching up with them — in court. Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams filed a police and a big fat lawsuit against Nia Crooks, Evelyn Lozado’s assistant after being slapped in the face during an outing at a Miami race track.

Crooks’ “open hand” slap to the left side of Williams’ face was like the slap heard round the world. Directly proceeding the slap in an episode which aired on Bravo, Sunday, April 15, Crooks threatened Williams saying, “Do I need to slap you in the face to wake you up?”

Williams replied, “I wish you would.” And she did.

Crooks is charged with assault and battery and in a civil suit Williams filed in New York she claims she suffered serious injuries in the attack, as well as “mental shock, mental anguish and psychological trauma”

Williams is demanding Crooks fork over a massive check for all of her medical expenses and other damages.

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