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Ice T, Madonna or Usher? 12 Celebrity Cheapskates: The Worst Tippers Exposed

12. Ice-T tipped less than 10 percent at a Sizzler restaurant, according to The Stained Apron.

The Stained Apron is a secret website where professional waitstaff members hub to report the best and worst celebrity tippers. According to members of the group, celebrity patrons fall under two categories — there are “saints” (gracious tippers such as Sir Charles Barkley, Robert DeNiro and La Toya Jackson) and “scum,” tightwad tippers who leave next to nothing, besides an autographed napkin or a smile, and are listed here.

Here’s a a look at the dirty dozen — you may be surprised by who made the list.

11. Allen Iverson. according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, after "a wild night at the casino, Iverson and his buddies decided to leave the cab driver four bucks short."

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