Move Over Octomom, Woman Pregnant With 9 Kids

Move Over Octomom, Woman Pregnant With 9 Kids

A Mexican woman is set to one up ‘Octomom’ now that she’s currently carrying nine children. Reuters reports that Karla Vanessa Perez, 32, is expecting six girls and three boys and previously gave birth to triplets. Perez’ two daughters, Casandra, Daniela, and her son, Bernardo, are already siblings to Braulio, her 4-year-old son.

The nontuplets are the result of fertility treatment. There also reports that Perez became pregnant just two weeks after the birth of her triplets, the validity of those reports has yet to be determined.

Perez who’s been dubbed by the U.K. Daily Mail as “NonaMum”, is from the northeastern state of Coahuila, which borders Texas, and is being cared for in a hospital in Saltillo. Speaking on her babies, she told a local newspaper, “I feel like I’ve been blessed by a miracle. I’m nervous, but very happy.” She later added that she’s worried about the costs of diapers and formulas, considering that they don’t have medical insurance or social security. ”We don’t have private medical care or social security and my husband only earns money intermittently,” said Perez.

She’s scheduled for caesarian section May 20 although she’s only seven months pregnant.

Her predecessor Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman has been in headlines for a number of negative reasons as of late. Earlier this week, a hairdresser reported that the struggling single mom of 14 paid her over $500 to style her hair. She also noted that Suleman’s children were locked away in a bedroom and the home was in squalor.

Since then, Radar Online’s reported that the stylist profited from the story before going to the police. “Nadya should have been more aware, but Stephanie got her. She insisted on going over to that house to do Nadya’s hair probably knowing that she’d be able to get a story from it,” a source said.

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