Woman Pregnant With 9 Kids a Hoax

Woman Pregnant With 9 Kids a Hoax

The Mexican woman who made headlines with claims that she was expecting nine children is being exposed as a fraud who’s not pregnant at all.

Karla Vanessa Perez, 32, of Coahuila, Mexico, was splashed across papers worldwide last week after announcing that she was expecting nonuplets; six girls and three boys as the result of fertility treatment. The pregnancy was especially interesting considering that Perez previously had triplets as well as a 4-year-old son.

Woman Pregnant With 9 Kids a Hoax

Following that a series of inconsistent reports surfaced, even one claiming that she became pregnant just two weeks after the birth of her three previous babies. The mom-to-be,  who was dubbed “Nonamum” by British papers, was scheduled for caesarian section May 20 although she was only seven months pregnant and in dire need of public assistance. Perez told papers that she and her husband did not have medical insurance or social security and his inconsistent job would not be not be enough to take care of their rapidly growing brood.

Perez and her hubby won’t have to worry about having nine more mouths to feed, however, now that a Mexican paper has confirmed that she’s not expecting at all and, in fact, has had pregnancy prevention surgery. According to El Diario de Coahuila who interviewed the woman’s mother, Francisca Castañeda, Perez not only couldn’t be pregnant because of a surgical procedure, she never had triplets. Castañeda confirmed to the paper that her daughter has only three children ages 4, 12 and 15.

Perez’s false claims have garnered worldwide criticism from people willing to provide her assistance and medical professionals like José Salvador Gallegos Mata, a member of the Mexican Society of Gynecology and Urology, who told the newspaper that someone who would make such false claims “needs to urgently say ‘I’m here. Please look at me, I exist.’ ” He later added, “That woman needs urgent psychological treatment.” –danielle canada

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