Drake Spotted on a Date With Tyra Banks; 5 Famous Celebrity Odd Couples

Is Drake dating Tyra Banks?

A rapper with a penchant for older women was spotted this week with one of the most well-known supermodels in the world. Drizzy Drake was spotted romancing Tyra Bank this week at where else? Disneyland. The pair was pictured by fans as they stopped by a gelato shop for dessert after seemingly walking the park together.

Unbeknownst to Tyra, 38,  she may have confirmed that she was with the 25-year-old rapper Thursday after posting a picture of herself in a jacket similar to the one she wore in the photos that hit the ‘Net today.

“I was just told I look like “Tee-Ruh Banks” but much, MUCH younger. Compliment? Not!!!,” she wrote on Twitter with the following photo.

So what were the “Top Model” and the Canadian emcee doing together? That remains unknown, unless Drake decides to write about it in a song as he did with his exes Rihanna, Maliah Michel and Cat Washington.

In 2010 the rapper was said to be dating Taraji P. Henson and was spotted kissing the 40-year-0ld actress in Vancouver. The couple had a 16-year age difference. –danielle canada

Tyra and Drake aren’t the first seemingly mismatched celebs, check out a few other celebrity odd couples below.

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