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Michael Vick to Marry Kijafa Frinks in Miami; 10 Stylish Instagram Photos of Kijafa


Michael Vick

Michael Vick will soon be a married man. Vick recently announced that he will marry his longtime girlfriend, Kijafa Frinks, on June 30. The wedding will take place at the Fountainebleau hotel in Miami Beach, Fla., and will include 300 guests.

Michael Vick and Frinks became engaged shortly before Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for dogfighting in 2007. Once Michael Vick was released from prison, the couple’s relationship was front and center during their BET reality show, “The Michael Vick Project.”

Vick is currently to the star quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and signed a $100 million extension in 2011.

Frinks is known for her high sense of style and owns a boutique called PNK Elephant.

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