Actor Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Stars in the 11eleven11 Project Film ‘Nice Guy’

Actor Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Stars in the 11eleven11 Project Film 'Nice Guy'

Actor Miguel Nuñez is a nice guy — no he literally is. It’s the best way to explain why the seasoned Hollywood star signed up to mentor the rising group of 11 producers, 11 writers and 11 directors who comprise the freshman class of The 1 1Eleven11 Project, a revolutionary and unique filmmakers’ project.

Not only is Nuñez the celebrity mentor on the project, he also stars in the comedic film Nice Guy, written by Krystal Keith, directed by Jean Young and produced by Melinda Tolbert.

Young Dan Newman, certified nerd and “nice” guy, is sick and tired of always finishing last. He is frustrated by watching all of the “good” girls he likes date”‘bad” boys. Dan’s nice ways also have a detrimental effect on his career. At the office and among his co-workers, he gets absolutely no respect. Dan decides to enter into therapy with the controversial Dr. Leroy Brown — a psychologist with rather unorthodox but popular therapeutic practices. With Dr. Brown’s assistance, Dan meets and dates Sharon B. Good — a certified “good” girl who is drawn to ‘bad’ boys. Dan falls for Sharon and in his hilarious attempt to win her over he transforms into a ‘bad’ boy, setting the stage for both of them to learn important lessons about being themselves.

Here, Nuñez chats with rolling out about his involvement with The 11Eleven11 Project™ which was created by Studio 11 Films and his guilty pleasure. –yvette caslin

What drew you to this project?

The team and the idea of the entire program.

Where you were born? Where you were raised?

Born in Manhattan, N.Y., and raised in Wilson, N.C.

Zodiac Sign:

Leo, what else is there?

What do you hope viewers walk away with after seeing this project?

That maybe they can develop their time and efforts to something creative instead of concentrating on all the negativity and hopelessness surrounding them everyday. There are lots of stories to be told by ordinary folk everywhere. It is my hope that this program will continue to change lives and make careers.

Who are your personals idols in the industry?

Never had any …

Performer you would drop everything to go see:

Eddie Murphy doing stand-up.

Pop culture guilty pleasure:


What’s on your music playlist?

All kinds …

MAC or PC?


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