Robbie Smith and Cynthia P. Booker

“The panel was extremely informative. I think this panel helped many of us to consider many of things that we could not consider,” says Cynthia Booker, founder of Booker Marketing & Communications. “Now we can take this information and put that in our own power system of knowledge and maybe come up with ways to better market ourselves ways to better spend our marketing dollar.”

Donald Russell

Donald Russell, a retired school teacher, also mentioned the decline of black teachers in the school system. “This gave me a wake-up call,” he says. “I want to go out more and speak more on this.

Dr. Richard J. Carlson

Dr. Richard J. Carlson, founder of Carlson Environmental Inc., says he was impressed by the event.

Donalynne Schaffer

Donalynne Schaffer, community outreach for Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force, says that she gained a wealth of knowledge from attending the presentation. “I actually knew that we are large consumers, I just didn’t know the extent of it,” she says.