San Juan, Puerto Rico

Why this state and the U.S. Virgin Islands have not been made the 51st and 52nd states is beyond me. Anyway, San Juan ranked at the top of the list because of their golden gorgeousness, they dress fabulously, and you can’t even hate them: the locals in the sunny Puerto Rican capital rank high for friendliness as well as attractiveness. They also know how to charm visitors with simple pleasures: San Juan ranked near the top for its café con leche, and won the street food category.

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Terry Shropshire

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  • Bman

    San Juan friendly people? Meanest rudest people ever. You obviously haven’t traveled there in your White male suit. Hopefully will never be a state and severed so it can just be it’s own country again. Most of the island is just sitting there receiving fraudulent disability checks. The rest have some sort of government job.