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NBA Finals 2012; Miami Heat vs. OKC Thunder Post-Game Fashion

The NBA Finals will feature a matchup between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder have several explosive scorers while the Heat depend on the athletic skills of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. OKC has the ability to present matchup problems, but LeBron has more to lose than any player in the Finals. As result, the Heat should be NBA champs in six games.

But while the series will be entertaining from start to finish, you can expect more theatrics during the post-game action.

We have compared fashions to figure out which team has the best post-game style.

    Kevin Durant

LeBron James

Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James

Kevin Durant’s post-game style is a cross between a college Ivy League student and a camper. Although it’s odd to see an NBA player sport a backpack, Durant gets a few style points due to originality.

LeBron James style is that of a corporate CEO. He wears the best Italian suits and his wardrobe is similar to a boss who is about big business. However, James has recently adopted the nerd-look that it is becoming a bit cliche. If he can do away with the non-prescription glasses, he can maintain an edge over Durant when it comes to style.

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