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  • guest

    Lol she is adorable, she looks like a little mini him! Oh my
    goodness, hopefully he will show his daughter how a man should treat a woman
    but from the first episode he definitely gots it wrong. Anyways I can’t wait to
    watch the next episode and see whose baby Joseline is pregnant by. I’ll be
    recording it on my Hopper since I have to work late at Dish that night. 

  • 1986kim

    Yep…. Stevie j… Should think about how he treats Mimi, and if he would like someone to do the same to his dauther like hes doing to her momma…. And on ghe truth Stevie j kind of lookin trash on the show… And I hope he be rolling and the money cause joseline and Mimi gonna put hes ass on child support… Hahah.