If a man is not willing to fulfill his woman’s sexual desires, she is going to cheat. What do we want in bed? Everything the man isn’t giving or has stopped doing.

Sexually speaking, she wants good oral sex that leads to a climax; maybe even toys or rough sex; overall, she wants freaky, passionate, wet sex. Three things we are looking for from that side lover are compliments, dates, better sex, and someone who will listen.

Interestingly, Lotario Jointer, author of Lotario’s Love Notes tells rolling out that men cheat because they feel ignored or taken for granted at home.

“Men cheat because the other woman makes him feel needed, important, appreciated, and because most men choose not to communicate effectively outside of pursuing sexual favors.

“What do men expect in bed? Men expect their partners not to judge them. Most side-lovers have at least these three things. 1) No restrictions in the bedroom, 2). She gives oral sex (like she really means it, and is enjoying it) and 3). She allows anal sex without complaints.”

Lotarios’s Love Notes: www.lotariojointer.com


Deputy Editor, Rolling Out