The Boiler Room

Where: 86 East 4th St.

Gays, straights, artists, hipsters, *FrOGs, and princesses alike can be seen shooting pool and canoodling in The Boiler Room, an East Village bar where happy hour seemingly never ends. Rumor has it the owner once removed tracks by Lady Gaga because of overplay.

Best Gay Clubs for Straight People: Los Angeles and New York. Shown: Flaming Saddles.

Flaming Saddles

Where: 793 9th Ave.

It’s easy to see why Flaming Saddles, the new Western-themed bar in Hell’s Kitchen, was voted “Best Gay Bar” by New York Magazine. Friendly and pretension-free, Saddles boasts great drink specials and a nightly lineup of cowboy bartenders dancing on the bar for your entertainment. All their moves were choreographed by co-owner Jacqui Squatriglia, of Coyote Ugly fame, so saddle up for a fun-filled night of cute boys, boots, and booze.