The last two places I will dedicate to the cheaters who are strictly into sexual cheating. You can explore taking your “secret lover” to a private pole dancing class in the bedroom, or you can stick to the typical Motel 6.

These places were selected due to their private location. When cheating you must go where your spouse or spouse’s friends would never go. Get creative and venture out. Atlanta, New York, LA, and Chicago are very big cities with may places to explore.

Here is a list of places where you can find secrecy in the big city.

A place where you can catch a classic movie is the Film Forum located in New York, NY, UCLA Film & Television Archive located in Los Angeles, CA.  A nice art gallery is the WI Gallery located on 196 Bowery Floor 7, New York, NY, the Alan Avery Art Company located in Atlanta, GA, the Downtown Art Center Gallery located in Los Angeles, CA, the Art Institute Chicago located in downtown Chicago.

For your Jazz clubs there is the Café 290 located in Sandy Springs, GA, the Jazz Showcase located in downtown Chicago, the Blue Whale Bar located in Los Angeles, CA, and the 55 Bar located in Manhattan, NY.