Revenge on Liars and Cheats: 5 Best Celebrity Break-ups

Revenge on Liars and Cheats: 5 Best Celebrity Break-ups
Lisa Left Eye Lopes burned down Andre Rison's home.

Revenge: 5 Best Celebrity Break-ups

When most people think of breakups, they don’t usually think of house fires and women walking away with $75 million in divorce property.

A typical break-up ends with broken windows, slashed tires and petty things of that sort. However, when it comes to celebrities such as Vanessa Bryant, and the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, their marks are included in the five best celebrity revenge tales of all times.

#1. Lisa “ Left Eye” Lopes

At the number one spot for best break-up revenge of all time is Lisa Left Eye Lopes. As the world was informed Lisa and receiver for the Atlanta Falcons Andre Rison were always at each other’s throats “literally.” On June 9, 1994, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes showed the world that’s she knows exactly what buttons to push.

After a huge argument with Andre, Lopes took all of his personal belongings and put them in his bathtub, drenched the items in liquid lighter fluid and … well you know what happened next!

What Lisa wasn’t ready for is for half of Andre’s mansion to burn down. This very dangerous, and crazy, action puts Lisa “left eye” Lopes in the running for best celebrity revenge of all times.

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