10 Books That Every African American Should Read

 10 Books That Every African American Should Read

Books Every Black Person Should Read 

With scorching temperatures and sunny days in full swing, you may be looking for a few good books to amp up your summer reading list. For a number of women, E.L. James’ bestseller 50 Shades Of Grey is perfect for curling up poolside while pondering on the whips, chains and charms of the book’s main character.

According to Huffington Post’s Black Voices however, the steamy tome isn’t necessarily a must-read especially for African Americans. The news site revealed today a list of the 50 must-read books for blacks that includes works by revered authors, classic fiction novels and a few famed autobiographies. Several big-name books are noted including The Color Purple, Roots and Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Check out the top ten books all blacks should read below. -danielle canada

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