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Essence Music Festival 2012: Roshon Fegan, Kev Stylez Rocks At Youth Empowerment Experiment

Essence Editor in Chief Constance White greets the crowd at the Essence 2012 Music Festival in New Orleans. Photo: Zondra Hughes

Baby, it’s hot in New Orleans, but it was really hot at the Essence Youth Empowerment Experience, geared to engage the younger demographic in the weekend Essence Music Festival event.

The crowd, clad in vibrant red Coca Cola gear, jammed with DJ Shatt’s profanity-free music, and went wild for host actor/performer Roshon Fegan, and Essence Editor-In-Chief Constance White.

“I know you will have a great experience today because we’ve created a lot for you and I know that a lot of it is within you,” White told the youth.

The kids lost their minds for the phenomenal Kevin Stylez (@KevinStylez) a local R&B singer that is blowing up big time. Check it out.