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Oh! My Nappy Hair Family-Owned Salon Specializes in Natural Hair

Rosario Shuler, right, with daughter Erica Blevins

Millions of other women fled from the concept of natural hair like they were rattlesnakes growing out of their hair follicles and opted instead to assault their scalps with tress tramping chemicals to escape shame – but Rosario Schuler recognized a potential goldmine.

“This is the hair that God gave us,” she says. That love, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit led the Oakland, Calif., bred and Cal-Berkeley educated woman to open her very successful “Oh! My Nappy Hair” salon. In fact before long, the salon became so successful that she opened up offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta, the latter which is run by daughter Erica Blevins, an HBCU-Clark Atlanta graduate.

“A qualified beautician should know how to deal with all textures of black hair,”explains the hair expert. Schuler, a mother of three, traveled the traditional route before graduating into business ownership. She finished her education in TV broadcasting from California State-Long Beach. After a successful career in corporate America, Schuler listened to the quiet but unrelenting song of our soul and soon followed its beat into proprietorship.


The founder and owner of Oh! My Nappy Hair, Rosario

Daugher Blevins, who completed her B.S. degree in biology with a certification in secondary education, talked about the joys, highs, lows and exciting challenges of being a businesswoman with rolling out. –terry shropshire


What are the advantages as well as challenges of working with family members?

Some of the joys of working with family include spending valuable time with the people you love the most. Sharing special business/career milestones together with my mother is priceless. On the other hand, roles and titles often become so close they can get blurred. These dynamics can stir emotions that disrupt the lines of separation between professional guidelines and personal feelings.

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