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100 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Work, Study and Travel

100 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Work, Study and Travel



These iPhone apps will help you keep all of your work organized.

  1. Bento: Bento does nearly everything, with client information, expenses, to do lists, events, and lots more, all in one app.
  2. Evernote: Remember everything and find everything with the help of Evernote.
  3. A Personal Assistant: Use this app to get your own personal assistant that helps you manage just about anything.
  4. myHomework: You can stay on top of assignments, lectures, and lots more on your iPhone with myHomework.
  5. reQall: This app works to aid your memory and keep things together.
  6. iiBlueSky: Get handy access to your notes and ideas using iiBlueSky.
  7. iTalk Recorder: The iTalk Recorder makes it easy to leave notes for yourself.
  8. Things: Things is an incredibly useful task manager for iPhone.
  9. OmniFocus: Keep track of actions, lists, agenda items and loads more using OmniFocus.
  10. Epiphany Recorder: With the Epiphany Recorder, you can record thoughts, music, and more.
  11. Todo: Todo makes task management simple, and synchronizes with the web or your desktop.

Research & Reference

Look up facts, words, and more using these tools.

  1. Wikipanion: Use Wikipanion on your iPhone to have easy access to Wikipedia.
  2. History: Maps of the World: This app will provide you with detailed maps from all around the world.
  3. Your Rights: Reference this app to learn about rights for political science and even personal defense.
  4. WeDict: WeDict offers a free iPhone dictionary.
  5. Google News: Google News makes it easy for you to stay on top of new developments in the world.
  6. World Countries: Learn a variety of facts about countries around the world using World Countries.
  7. Net News Wire: Net News Wire will help you learn about the latest news.

Connectivity & Sync

These iPhone apps will help you stay connected.

  1. MobileMe: MobileMe makes it possible for you to sync up your PC, iPhone, and other devices.
  2. SoonR: SoonR offers remote access to Outlook from your iPhone.
  3. Wifi Trak: This simple app will help you seek out free Wi-Fi.
  4. Sugar Sync: Sync your computer and iPhone by using this app.
  5. Mobile Disk: Store your files on your iPhone with Mobile Disk.
  6. WiFi HD: WiFi HD will turn your iPhone into a mobile hard drive.
  7. SugarSync: Using SugarSync, you’ll be able to get remote access to your home or office computer through your iPhone.
  8. Auto WiFi Lite: This app will get you connected to WiFi hotspots automatically./li>
  9. iHound: If you lose your iPhone on the beach, iHound will help you get it back.
  10. Folders: Store and protect information on your iPhone by using Folders.
  11. Discover: This app will make it possible for you to use the iPhone as a wireless device.


Make sure you’re keeping up with your work by using these iPhone apps for productivity.

  1. Air Sharing: Air Sharing allows users to easily copy documents and more to use on your iPhone.
  2. ProjectMgr: ProjectMgr offers project management automation on your iPhone.
  3. WorkTimer Lite: Track your working hours by using WorkTimer Lite.
  4. Remember the Milk: Take your to do list anywhere with Remember the Milk for your iPhone.
  5. Torch: Using Torch, you’ll be able to easily manage your projects using your iPhone.
  6. Quick Voice Recorder: Record and send messages right from your iPhone using this app.
  7. mSecure: mSecure will provide you with secure storage for your important information.

Planning & Scheduling

Make sure you’re staying on top of responsibilities by using these iPhone apps for scheduling and planning.

  1. Google Calendar: Google Calendar offers an excellent calendar and the option to sync with your desktop calendar.
  2. iProcrastinate Mobile: Use this app to better stay on top of all the assignments and tasks you need to take care of.
  3. Facetime: Facetime will help you schedule your day and stay productive.
  4. Attendance Countdown: Use this app, and you can track your work and study time on the iPhone.
  5. Date Wheel: With the help of Date Wheel, you’ll be able to figure out exactly when assignments and action items are due.
  6. iStudent: Using iStudent, you can organize your class schedule, events, assignments, and lots more.
  7. 43 Actions: 43 Actions will help you stay on top of your tasks./li>
  8. 30Boxes: Use this calendar to get simple day planning on your iPhone.

Collaboration & Communication

Keep in touch and work with others by using these collaboration and communication apps for the iPhone.

  1. Email ‘n Walk: Email without losing your view of the ocean with the help of this app.
  2. Fuze Lite: This app will help you connect on various messaging services.
  3. Whiteboard: Whiteboard offers collaborative drawing, so you can create notes and drawings with others in the office while you’re at the beach.
  4. Fring: Connect to a variety of instant messaging services all at once using the Fring app.
  5. Pinger: Get visual voicemail messages and broadcast messages from your iPhone using Pinger.
  6. AT&T: Get a small business phone service with AT&T Virtual Receptionist.
  7. iEDL: iEDL offers an easy way to send mass emails on your iPhone.
  8. Melodis Voice Dialer: Use Melodis to get voice dialing on your iPhone.
  9. Gubb: Share lists and more with colleagues and classmates using Gubb.


Get full use of documents on the go with these apps.

  1. Documents To Go: Take your Word, Excel, PDF, and other documents to the beach with you on your iPhone using Documents To Go.
  2. TouchType: Use TouchType to check your spelling and grammar on the iPhone.
  3. iZoho: iZoho will provide you with documents, slideshows, and loads of other office tools for the iPhone.
  4. Thumb Jot: Using Thumb Jot, you can keep all of your notes and thoughts handy on your iPhone.
  5. DocViewer: You can read a variety of documents on your iPhone with the DocViewer.
  6. iFiles Lite: Files Lite makes it simple to create and share documents on your iPhone.
  7. Dexy: Create organized, free form notes on your iPhone using Dexy.
  8. Readdle Docs: With Readdle, you’ll be able to get your documents from email, your computer, and more organized on the iPhone.
  9. Napkin Genius: Draw notes and ideas with the Napkin Genius app.
  10. PDF Reader Pro: Read PDF files on your iPhone with the help of this app.
  11. iSpreadsheet: iSpreadsheet offers free spreadsheets for your iPhone.
  12. YouNote: With the YouNote app, you’ll be able to take notes by drawing, typing, or recording.
  13. WritePad: Input text by simply handwriting with your finger with the help of WritePad.
  14. Print & Share: You can print emails, photos, web pages, and more right from your iPhone with this app.


These iPhone apps were made for studying.

  1. gFlash+: Use gFlash+, and you’ll be able to make flash cards you can study on your iPhone.
  2. Margins: With Margins, you can take notes about books to refer to later.
  3. Fact of the Day: This app offers a new educational fact each day.
  4. Quote of the Day: This app will provide you with a new quote to learn every day.
  5. Graphing Calculator: This calculator makes it easy to do math and more on your iPhone.
  6. Art Lite: Use this app to study history, works, and more in art.
  7. Mathemagics: This app can be used to calculate multiplication, squares, and more.
  8. BookShelf: Use this app to turn your iPhone into a book reader.
  9. planetFacts: This app offers diameter, orbit, mass, and other facts about the planets on your iPhone.
  10. AccelaStudy Vocabulary Builder: This tool will help you improve your vocabulary.
  11. ezMemorize: With ezMemorize, you can create and share flash cards.
  12. Google Earth: This app makes it interesting and easy to see the world from your iPhone.
  13. EngLits: Use EngLits to get summaries and learning for required reading while you’re on the beach.
  14. Stanza: Use Stanza, and you can download classics and current books, and use your iPhone as an ereader.
  15. PopMath: This game offers a fun way to improve your math skills.
  16. Instapaper: Store important bits you find online using Instapaper.
  17. Talking Phrasebooks: Study a foreign language on your iPhone with Talking Phrasebooks.
  18. VocabWiz: This iPhone app will help you improve your vocabulary skills.
  19. Poptiq: Use Poptiq to get educational videos on your iPhone.
  20. Sparky: Browse and learn from SparkNotes on your iPhone using Sparky.
  21. Netter’s Anatomy: Netter’s Anatomy flash cards offer full color references to help you memorize anatomy.


If you’re hitting the beach far away, use these apps to make travel a snap.

  1. Gas Cubby: Gas Cubby will make it easy for you to track gas mileage and vehicle maintenance on your iPhone.
  2. Flight Track: Get updated on flights around the world using Flight Track.
  3. Surf Report: Check out the Surf Report to learn about the best surfing conditions near you.


Get a grip on your finances by using these iPhone apps.

  1. Mint: Mint’s iPhone app can help you monitor your financial accounts from anywhere.
  2. JustAddMoney: JustAddMoney makes it easy to manage your expenses.
  3. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker: Use Harvest to track your expenses and time on the go.
  4. QuickBooks Online: View and manage your financial accounts on your iPhone with QuickBooks.
  5. XpenseTracker: Keep track of all expenses that need to be reimbursed by using Xpenser Tracker.
  6. Owed: Owed offers automation for invoices and IOUs.
  7. Pennies: Pennies can help you save money and stay on top of your spending.
  8. Receipts: Receipts will make tracking your receipts easy.
  9. Balance: Use Balance, and you’ll be able to help prevent overdrafts on your account.
  10. Reference post here.


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