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Cheaters Beware: 10 Crimes of Passion You’ll Never Forget

Cheaters Beware: 10 Crimes of Passion You'll Never Forget
If you cheat on the wrong chick, you may discover a nasty surprise.

If you’ve been cheating, your property may catch a beating.

Some jilted lovers are so blinded by revenge that they’re compelled to get their hands dirty, and in piping hot moments of rage, a nasty Tweet or Facebook status update just won’t do.

These 10n jilted lovers listed here sought revenge the old-fashioned way, by using spray paint, yard signs, billboards and even skywriting to tell the world that an ex is a liar and a cheat.

Note: rolling out frowns upon such displays of revenge, as defacing someone’s personal property may feel good for the moment, but you could catch a case that may haunt you for a lifetime.

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